Kokowai Apartments, a significant residential development at 247 Hobsonville Point Road in Auckland, involved six multi-level apartment buildings. GJ Gardner, the developer, engaged our landscape architecture services from concept to Resource Consent.

The development necessitated collaboration with various consultants, such as Respond Architects, Campbell Brown Planning, and Munro Urban Design. Thomas Consultants managed and completed the majority of the design work for Block 1D, although Jasmax initially undertook early design work.

One primary challenge was maintaining consistency with the existing design while integrating it into the evolving apartment design, aligning with the Design Review Panel (DRP) requirements. The project’s location in Hobsonville Point, a major development zone in Auckland, came with strict design controls and spatial constraints. To ensure compliance and adherence to the rigorous standards, Thomas Consultants organised several workshops with the Design Review Panel, engaging in constructive discussions and seeking their valuable input.

To ensure compliance, Thomas Consultants organized workshops with the Design Review Panel, gaining their approval. This milestone demonstrates alignment with design guidelines and regulations.

Now, with DRP approval secured, the project progresses to detailed design and building consent stages. Throughout these phases in landscape architecture, Thomas Consultants maintains a strong collaborative relationship with key stakeholders, ensuring effective communication and coordination to meet milestones and deadlines.


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