Built Environment Project Management

Our specialist team can work with you on large and small projects, from inception through to completion.

Our services include:

  • Building better business cases
  • Scope development and management
  • Design / Cost / Risk management
  • Programming – timeline sequencing
  • Stakeholder consultation and management
  • Facilitation and assessment of tender processes
  • Health, safety and quality management
  • Engineer to contract services
  • Engineer’s representative services
  • Contract management.

Diverse Skilled Team

Our team has a diverse range of qualifications and experience meaning we have the ideal project manager for any project. Get in touch today.

As well as extensive project management experience, we have worked in a range of industries in New Zealand and abroad including construction, property management, electrical generation, tertiary education, landscape architecture and international development..

  • Our Project Managers have a thorough understanding of Health and Safety legislation, construction and consultancy contracts, and project management principles
  • We are competent navigating planning legislation and overcoming environmental and heritage challenges on projects.
  • We have experience with public and private sector projects in New Zealand – delivering work for residential developers, education, housing, infrastructure, and other public sector clients

Our Approach

We believe that open communication and trust is key to a successful working relationship and to delivering desired outcomes. Our team will work in partnership with you, first establishing your goals and reason for change and from here setting in place a comprehensive project scope.

Our project management philosophy was founded on Prince2 principles and processes which provide a tailorable framework, meaning greater flexibility for you. We take time to ensure that each project’s business case is well defined, avoiding project scope creep and unnecessary over investment.

Speak with our expert team to get your project off the ground.

A Proven Track Record

Our team has been delivering projects across a wide range of industries for many years. These include:

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Expert Project Management services for the Built Environment