Managing Stormwater Runoff

With density of the developments increasing, the requirement to provide additional management of the stormwater runoff flows becomes more and more relevant. Our Stormwater Engineers work with residential, commercial and industrial clients to provide effective stormwater management strategies and solutions which are aimed to maintain and improve the waterways of New Zealand.

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Stormwater Experts

Our services include:

  • Stormwater networks design
  • Stormwater management analysis
  • Stormwater quantity management design via underground and above-ground detention and retention systems including tanks and ponds
  • Stormwater quality treatment design via filtering devices, swales, raingardens, and ponds
  • Hydrological neutrality assessment with incorporation of planting plans, where required
  • Design of stormwater management devices in accordance with the Homestar Green Building Certification, Stormwater Management Area Flow (SMAF) zoning and network capacity shortage.

Stormwater solutions and strategies for all types of developments.
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