Civil Engineering

Thomas Consultants has one of the biggest team of civil and water engineers in New Zealand, who can take you through the simplest driveway access design right up to 2,000 lot subdivision infrastructure design. You are in good hands.

Our Services

  • Feasibility Assessments – let us complete a preliminary check of your property before you start design work
  • Overland flow paths – we can quickly check whether your property has any overland flowpaths and if so determine what that means for your development
  • Infrastructure assessment – our staff will assess the capacity of existing services on site and whether they can support your development
  • Drainage design – we can design your water supply, Stormwater and sewer drainage systems for large and small developments
  • Contract management and tendering – leave the hard work to us; we can find contractors for you and oversee their work to ensure you meet Council standards
  • Draughting services – our team of draughtsmen can supply full scale drawings to full detail to lodge with consent applications
  • Earthworks design – we will prepare drawings of site levels and calculate earthworks volumes and erosion and sediment control plans
  • Flood modelling – if your property is flood prone we can determine the heights of different flood waters and design a development to work around that
  • Stormwater devices – depending on the scale of your development you may need Stormwater wetlands or ponds, raingardens or tree pits.  We have expertise in all aspects of Stormwater treatment
  • Catchment Analysis and Flood modelling – we use a range of proprietary software to calculate catchment flooding and pinch points to assist management and planning
  • Development engineering – our team of nine development engineers provide regular support to local government and CCOs
  • Three Waters management – our senior and chartered engineers have extensive experience in managing three waters at small to catchment levels
  • Water Loss management – we operate across New Zealand and the Pacific assisting government agencies to identify water loss areas and develop plans for remediation and management