Residential or commercial, our team bring decades of experience to the table 

Working for property owners to government agencies across New Zealand and Asia Pacific, our team of civil and infrastructure engineers handle it all. From the simplest driveway design through to roading, water supply, stormwater and sewer drainage networks.


Globally, we identify, design and implement remediation and management strategies for regional governments and non-government organisations. Whether it’s a straightforward feasibility assessment, a flood investigation, or a complex engineering problem, our team brings the skills and knowledge to deliver effective solutions. Regardless of size or scope.


Before you embark on a project or decide to break the ground, talk to us about making the most of your land, time and resources.

Making your community stronger, safer, and more connected

Civil engineering is a branch of engineering dedicated to designing, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure and systems that shape the modern world. This includes everything from roads and bridges to water supply networks and buildings.


Our Infrastructure and Civil Engineering team can help you with:

We’re here to find the right solution for your project – from planning to completion.