An Essential Resource

Water is an important and vital resource. Due to leaks in the distribution systems, not all the drinking water processed at the treatment plants reaches the consumers.

Although water production costs per cubic metre of water may be quite low and seem insignificant, over longer periods of time this may turn into a major expenditure.

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Managing Water Losses

Effective management of water losses will:

  • Help to preserve the natural resource
  • Postpone the need for major upgrades and expansions of the water treatment facilities
  • Provide long term financial savings.

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Our Work

We operate across New Zealand and the Pacific assisting government agencies to identify areas with high water loss, and develop plans for the successful ongoing management of water networks. Implementation of our systems have seen significant financial and environmental benefits for our clients.

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Our Services

Specific services we offer include:

  • Water Balance Calculations – to assess the level of water loss in public networks
  • Water Loss Strategy – develop a detailed action plan for managing real water losses
  • Design of Network Sectorization and Pressure Management
  • Designing Management Systems for Managing Real Water Losses
  • Water meter design and selection
  • Detailed design of watermains – for construction
  • Water Loss Training (see photographs below)
  • Water Network Master Planning –planning for Development and Growth
  • Comprehensive Water Demand Forecasts – essential for effective planning.

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Water Loss Training Sessions we have run in the past led by our inhouse specialist Richard Taylor
water loss specialist training 1
water loss specialist training 3

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