Keen to learn more about rural subdivision?  Perhaps you have an existing SEA (Significant Ecological Area) on your property? Or a wetland area or bush that may meet the SEA factors?

We can do a two step approach, starting with a feasibility study. This evaluation examines the current size and condition of the wetland and/or bush, and if it falls short of the SEA standards, we will provide recommendations to bring it up to standard.

The second pivotal step for a rural subdivision is the resource consent stage. Here we go beyond the initial assessment to craft a comprehensive wetland or bush management plan.

This plan addresses the specific needs and objectives of the natural ecosystem, with a focus on preserving and enhancing ecological health. Our team collaborates closely with regulatory authorities, environmental experts, and stakeholders to ensure that the plan aligns with all necessary permits and regulations. This stage serves as a critical bridge between assessment and implementation.

Esplanade Reserve Reductions

When considering a rural subdivision adjacent to coastal areas or streams wider than 3 metres, it’s likely that an esplanade reserve needs to be vested with the Council. Our Ecology team will help you with the esplanade requirements for your specific project.

Our practical steps include:

  • Assesses a suitable width and area for the esplanade reserve
  • Working with you to redesign the area, should the need arise
  • Carry out site-specific mitigation measures

Experience hassle-free rural subdivision with our expert Ecology team.