Notice of Requirement

Notice of Requirements (NoR) are complex matters to navigate once it has been issued to a property owner.

A Notice of Requirement is a process that allows a requiring authority (Minister of the Crown, a local authority or a network utility operator approved as a requiring authority) to designate land, water, subsoil, or airspace for public works needs under the Resource Management Act 1991.

The notice may be public notified or limited to certain parties, as determined by the territorial authority.

The authority must consider the effects on the environment, considering any relevant national or regional policy statements or plans and may confirm, modify, impose conditions on, or withdraw the requirement.  The notice can be issued for a public work that is the responsibility of the territorial authority or for eligible infrastructure on which it is the responsible infrastructure authority.

Once a notice of requirement is in place, you as a landowner, can still use, own, and sell the land which is subject to a designation. However, you will need consent from the requiring authority prior to placing any buildings within the designation area.

When the requiring needs the designated land for its intended purpose, they will start negotiations with you to purchase the portion of land that is subject to the designation.

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