Plans that are both beautiful and practical

Our expertise centres around the skill of creating visually captivating and functional landscape and subdivision design. We have a wealth of experience across a broad range of projects, spanning from large-scale ventures to intricate details. Our landscape design services include:

  • Master planning new communities
  • Subdivisions and streetscapes
  • Commercial and industrial
  • Early childhood, playgrounds and Elderly care facilities
  • Cultural centres and civic spaces

Landscape Plan Sets

Our landscape and subdivision offerings revolve around the foundational Landscape Plan sets. These include:

  • Landscape master plan
  • Plant and materials selection and specifications
  • Retaining plan (if applicable)
  • Fencing plan
  • Landscape materials plan
  • Construction details
  • Planting and maintenance instructions.

Plans and drawings are organised and assembled into a set suitable for submission with a Resource Consent Application, (or as required by Council Planners in response to a Section 92 request or as a Condition of Consent).

Then the fun begins and we turn those plans into reality.

Among the many subdivisions we have been involved in:

Hobsonville development

Thomas Consultants was commissioned to create preliminary landscape concept designs for a Hobsonville development.

This master-planned urban community included a wide range of high-quality homes in various styles, price ranges, and building types. Our comprehensive landscape architecture services included site layout, resource consent, and landscape design, spanning across streetscapes, pocket parks, and a range of housing options.

Through our expertise, we successfully transformed our client’s vision into a thriving and accomplished reality, creating a subdivision where residents can enjoy their outdoor spaces.

landscape architecture plans
Master Plan
Streetscape Planting Details
landscape architecture plans
Streetscape Planting Plan
landscape architecture plans for Pocket Park
Pocket Park Landscape Concept

Henderson Valley – Subdivision plan

Thomas Consultants was engaged by the client to prepare preliminary landscape and architecture concept designs for a  Henderson Valley development. The proposed subdivision included 35 residential lots with an area of 600+m2, 21 Lots of 300+m2; a total of 56 residential lots. The scheme includes three jointly- owned access lots and a loop road.

Our designs also addressed crucial aspects of the project, such as stormwater management, road infrastructure, and pedestrian connections, ensuring a holistic and sustainable approach to the development.

Vehicle Access and Roading
Proposed Density and Housing Typologies
Dwelling and Landscape Concept
Landscape Materials and Planting

Other smaller subdivisions

Thomas Consultants works on landscape and subdivision design projects of all sizes. We actively participate in numerous smaller-scale developments, maintaining close communication with local authorities.

As a dedicated team, we hold deep respect for the intrinsic vegetative character and landscape value of each community.

Master Plan example 1
Master Plan example 3
Master Plan example 3
landscape architecture plans
Master Plan example 4

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