Developing with a Stream

When developments are planned on properties with streams, it is important to undertake thorough stream investigations to preserve and enhance the water quality and protect future occupants from floods.

On occasions, depending on the width of the streams, Councils require certain areas around streams to be dedicated for esplanade reserves, which dictate the extent for potential developments on site. Stream assessments are also important to ensure all flood protection measures are accounted for in the developments, and adequate infrastructure is built.

Our Engineers are highly experienced in conducting Stream Assessments and Modelling, to find out more contact us today.

Experts in Stream Assessments

We have engineers who have expertise in stream assessments and designs around them. We can provide the following services:

  • Stream width assessments ‘at its annual fullest flow’
  • Flood risk assessment and modelling
  • Design of culverts and bridge crossings considering the fish passageways
  • Design of stream diversions and ‘daylighting’.

We also have Ecologists that can conduct Stream Assessments and Wetland Assessments

For comprehensive Stream Assessments and Designs, contact our experienced team today.