Actions speak louder than words

At TCL, our commitment to sustainability goes beyond mere recognition of the environmental challenges we face. We understand the significant impact businesses (especially housing and infrastructure development) can have on climate change, and as a result, we hold ourselves accountable to a robust sustainability framework.

Within this framework is:

  • environmental sustainability
  • social sustainability
  • economic sustainability

Toitu Envirocare membership

Thomas Consultants are members of Toitu Envirocare and now aiming for the Diamond Certification (exceed the requirements of ISO 14001).

Taking stock and taking action

To understand our environmental impact and identify areas for improvement, we conducted a comprehensive assessment. This included an internal audit to evaluate our current practices and a staff survey to gather employee insights and concerns. This valuable baseline information provided an honest appraisal of our performance and helped us prioritize areas for action.

Putting Sustainability into Practice:

  • Waste Management: We prioritize reducing waste and emissions at the source. This includes composting food scraps and diverting recyclable materials like packaging and paper/card. Furthermore, we extend our focus to responsible e-waste management by donating redundant computer and office equipment to local schools, giving these items a second life.

  • Sustainable Transportation: We’re transitioning our vehicle fleet to hybrid and fuel-efficient models. We strategically locate our offices near public transportation hubs, and provide secure storage for bicycles and e-scooters, encouraging eco-friendly commuting by our staff.

  • Sustainable Procurement & Energy Use: We’re making conscious choices when it comes to our supplies and equipment. This means prioritising environmentally friendly cleaning products, energy-efficient appliances, and minimizing resource consumption by powering down unnecessary lights and equipment, and avoiding excessive printing.

Ecological Projects

We have been involved in environmental projects for many years as a professional services provider, as initiator, sponsor and support partner. We have initiated local stream restoration projects, provided professional support, found funding and given in-kind support. Our ecological and other staff enjoy supporting community based environmental projects.

We’re proud to sponsor a drone flyover video promoting the Auckland Council and Henderson-Massey Local Board’s Harbourview-Orangihina Park, Te Atatu Peninsula wetland and reserve restoration project. This engaging video has been instrumental in raising awareness and fostering community consultation for the project. We’re thrilled to receive such positive feedback on its impact.