Ecological Services

Ecological services and strategies for land development, restoration, and protection

Are you planning to develop land surrounding an area of bush, wetland, or a stream, or looking to restore or protect a natural area? With our incredible team, we offer an extensive range of ecological services that will contribute significantly to the success of your project.

We will help you achieve your project goals while still preserving and enhancing the natural landscape of Aotearoa New Zealand.  This holistic approach integrates well-founded ecological guidance with pragmatic solutions.

Ecological Assessments

We can prepare ecological assessments to support your resource consent application.

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Restoration and Environmental Management Plans

Simple and practical restoration advice, including planting plans, weeding and animal/pest control plans.

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Restoration Project Management and Community Support

Project Management of large and small restoration projects on behalf of Council developers and alongside community.

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Wetland Assessments

Gain valuable insights into your wetland ecosystem with a wetland assessment. 

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Stream Assessments

Our dedicated team of ecologists conduct stream assessments, fostering sustainable solutions that strike a balance between development and the environment.

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Feasibility Assessment

We look at the ecological opportunities and restraints of a project and can quickly identify the areas which may be affected. 

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Riparian Assessment

Discover the health of your riparian yard with our expert assessment. Ensure the vitality of your property and, consequently, make informed choices.

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Rural Subdivision

We guide your through the subdivision journey to ensure your property meets SEA (Significant Ecological Area) standards.

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