Client name: Withers Reserve ( Auckland Council project )

Client name: Auckland Council

Site: Withers Reserve

Project overview: Auckland Council engaged Thomas Consultants Ltd (TCL) to provide the civil engineering, survey and ecology services required to construct a new footbridge over the stream at Withers Reserve. Our team aided in all aspects of this project, from design and consenting through to construction and completion.

Goal: The goal was to provide the required design and construction observation to replace an older footbridge, which was damaged during a severe flooding event. This ultimately led to a closure of the public walkway that provided an important pedestrian link between the reserve and Kashmir Street. This project was driven by the need to meet tight time frames to provide this facility to the public as quickly as possible, which in turn required robust designs that could ensure rapid consent approval.

Process:The process involved preparing detailed design plans and liaising with local authorities for approvals. TCL was successful in obtaining the relevant approvals and our construction monitoring team took a proactive approach, working with our client and subcontractors to identify and mitigate any risks that would create delays.

Outcome: Our engineers, surveyors and ecologists worked collaboratively to provide a great service to our client in achieving the final certifications in time and budget.

The value that Thomas Consultants team added: In order to successfully deliver a new footbridge to the public, our client required specialist knowledge and input from experienced professionals, who add value and understand the process from inception to completion.

Partners we worked with on the project: UMS (Urban Maintenance Systems) and Auckland Council

Services provided:

  • Engineering
    • Resource Consent
      • Flood Assessment
      • Earthworks Design
      • Sediment / Erosion Control Design
    • Construction Methodology Plan
    • Construction monitoring and support
  • Ecology
    • Resource Consent
      • Ecological Assessment
      • Planting plan
  • Surveying
    • Topographical Survey
  • Planning
    • Resource Consent Lodgement

Project completion: May 2021