Client name: Private

Site: Tasman Avenue, Mount Albert

The Project: Thomas Consultants Ltd was engaged by a private client to utilise our engineering and surveying expertise for the construction of three new dwellings with subsequent subdivision to create 4 lots to be held in fee simple title, including the jointly owned access lot (JOAL).

The Goal:To give an informed view of the engineering works completion and s223 and 224c assessments. We took pride in working alongside Hobson Construction on this project.

Construction monitoring forms part of the quality processes intended to manage risk during construction. Our team worked collaboratively with the client and contractor to provide high assurance of the project working correctly from the start rather than finding problems and then trying to fix them after the fact.

We took pride in working with all parties involved in this project:

• the project owner

• the contractor & subbies

• the engineer

• the regulatory authority

• any other designers involved in the process.

The Value: Our team worked closely with our client to ensure the project was working correcly from the very beginning, so that they could be assured all their project requirements were met and anticipated early on.

Services Provided:

Project Completion: June 2022

Tasman Avenue, Mt Albert – Civil engineering, Surveying and Engineering Project