Instant Soil Test Service
Testing is conducted onsite and results are available within seconds.
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Instant Soil Testing

On the Spot Testing and Results from $1,150 + GST*

We have access to state-of-the-art technology that allows us to instantly screen for heavy metal contamination in the soil. We can provide screening results on the spot for the following common contaminants: Lead, Arsenic, Copper, Chromium, Nickel & Zinc, (with others available upon request).

Testing is conducted onsite, and results are available within seconds.

Considerable time and money can be saved using this form of soil testing (i.e. 3+ days standard laboratory turnaround time and costs). This makes Thomas Consultant’s instant soil testing ideal for urgent works or projects with tight budgets. In addition to soil testing, we also have the capability to test houses and buildings for lead-based paint, which is frequently found on pre-1980’s buildings.

Instant Soil Testing is ideal for the following situations:

  • Property pre-purchase due-diligence (including lead-based paint testing)
  • Delineation (to confirm the extent of contamination)
  • Investigation/Screening for contamination if the presence of contamination is unknown
  • Validation and checks following excavation to confirm that the contaminated soil has been successfully removed or remediated
  • Waste Screening for disposal of soil to an appropriate landfill
  • Testing garden soil for growing vegetables

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* Limited to residential sites of less than 800 m2 (maximum of 10 sampling locations), within 20 km of Henderson, Auckland.  Additional requirements will be discussed beforehand and charged accordingly. Price is subject to change.

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