Due diligence & feasibility report

Before embarking on a development project or purchasing a new property, it’s always helpful to obtain a feasibility report for your property or the property you wish to develop or purchase.

A feasibility report is provided by our experienced team of planners with input from the rest of our professional team, including civil engineers, surveyors, ecologists, soil specialists, etc. The report provides advice on development potential for the site, including what development types are likely to be successful in obtaining resource consent approval, potential constraints, as well as costs and timeframes for obtaining consent on future developments.

A development feasibility report is useful for projects of any scale: from a new shed on a property with an existing dwelling to a multi-unit residential development or establishing a different kind of activity on a site in a non-residential zone (e.g. church or industrial activity).

The report reflects what works can and cannot be undertaken on the site based on the property zone and planning rules, as well as any restrictions caused by servicing availability, natural hazards (e.g. flooding) and any legal interests on the record of title for the site.

Developers, property owners and purchasers are less likely to face unexpected costs if they undertake feasibility or due diligence exercise before proceeding with their planned development or purchase.

The Value In A Feasibility Report

This report is ideal for:

  • Home buyers at the due diligence phase of their purchase process;
  • Property-owners and Investors/Developers who would like to undertake works on their property either as a private project or to increase value;
  • Real Estate Agents/ Property Vendors who would like to provide a useful marketing tool that showcases the development potential of a property to potential buyers.

To understand what you’re in for well before you’re financially committed to the purchase of a property or a development project, contact us today.

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