An Ecological Assessment explained

Ecological assessments provide information about current ecological site conditions and assist in guiding future actions to restore or mitigate potential impacts on them. You may wish to have an ecological assessment to set a baseline condition of any ecological area or it may be required to support a resource consent application.

If your development may impact on an ecological area it is best to have an ecologist involved to address any potential issues early on so they don’t become a problem later in the development.

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What’s included in an Ecological Assessment?

Ecological assessments will generally include the following:

  • Site visit
  • Assessment of the current ecological values of the subject site area
  • Review development proposal
  • Assessment of effects of the proposal on ecological values. Including any short-term effects during construction, or long term effects (for example effects of habitat loss etc).  – this may include impacts on not just vegetation but fauna such as birds, bats and lizards
  • Review of proposal against relevant Council planning criteria
  • Make recommendations to avoid, remedy and mitigate any adverse effects.
  • Preparation of ecologist report
  • Liaison with other relevant specialists – e.g. planner, arborist, design engineer etc as required.

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Support for Resource Consents

Resource consent applications may require an ecological assessment for any of the following reasons:

  • Bush clearance
  • Stream or wetland impacts
  • Riparian yard infringements
  • Esplanade reserve reduction
  • Vegetation protection consents – wetland, bush, riparian or re-vegetation.

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Specialist Advice from Ecological Consultants

We can assist to provide specialist ecological advice for other matters. Some common questions we can help you answer include:

  • Is my overland flowpath a stream or wetland?
  • How can I look after my bush, stream or wetland? Click here for more information.
  • There is an SEA on my property – what does this mean for me?
  • Is my proposed development possible? – e.g. would council support removing SEA vegetation so I can subdivide my property?
  • What plants will suit my site best?

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Approvals and Certifications

We can provide certification and reports that confirm works have been completed in accordance with restoration and environmental management consent for sign off.

We can also prepare and manage ongoing monitoring plans.

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