What Is An Ecological Assessment?

Ecological assessments provide information about current ecological site conditions – including vegetation, wetlands, streams, birds, bats, and lizards – and assist in guiding future actions to restore or mitigate potential impacts on them.

If your development may impact on an ecological area – bush, wetland, or a stream – it is best to have an ecologist involved early on to address any potential issues, so they don’t become a problem later in the development.

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Get the Green Light: Ecological Assessments for Development Approval

Thinking about development? Our ecological assessments can help early on. We’ll:

  • Spot potential issues like streams, wetlands, or protected areas that might affect your plans.
  • Offer solutions like planting guides or pest control plans to keep your project eco-friendly.

This way, you get a smooth start and a development that works with nature.

Unlock even greater value from your ecological assessment

If you are looking to restore or protect a natural area, we can assess and classify the area in accordance with Auckland Council’s Significant Ecological Area (SEA) criteria.

We’ve helped clients with:

  • SEA and wetland protection subdivisions: Maximise your land’s potential while safeguarding sensitive ecosystems.
  • Transferable titles: Streamline development with clear ownership structures.
  • Carbon credits: Contribute to sustainability goals and potentially generate revenue.

And that’s not all. We’ll also provide:

  • Practical restoration plans: Implement effective strategies to enhance your site’s ecological health.
  • Monitoring and support: Ensure your restoration efforts thrive over the long term.

Secure Your Resource Consent with an Ecological Assessment

Our experienced team help navigate the complex processes to keep your project on track.  Your resource consent application may require an ecological assessment for:

  • Bush and vegetation clearance
  • Stream or wetland impacts
  • Riparian yard infringements
  • Esplanade reserve reduction
  • Vegetation protection consents – wetland, bush, riparian or re-vegetation.

Specialist Advice from Ecological Consultants

Common questions we can answer for you:

  • Is my overland flowpath a stream or wetland?
  • How can I look after my bush, stream or wetland? 
  • There is an SEA on my property – what does this mean for me?
  • Is my development possible? 
  • What plants will suit my site best?

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