Discover the health of your riparian yard with an expert assessment.  A report will ensure the vitality of your waterfront property while giving you the information to make the right environmental choices.


  • If you have a permanent or intermittent stream on your property, and your development infringes on the 10m urban or 20m rural riparian yard.
  • Stream classification whether artificial, ephemeral, intermittent or permanent.
  • Assess quality of riparian vegetation
  • Brief watercourse assessment
  • Make recommendations on how to reduce impervious surfaces in riparian yard
  • Work with client to redesign proposal if required
  • Select suitable riparian planting areas to mitigate for vegetation clearance in riparian yard

Vegetation Clearance in SEA (Significant Ecological Area)

Vegetation clearance within a Significant Ecological Area necessitates a careful, ecologically sensitive approach. This is because it can have significant impacts on rare and sensitive species and their habitats. Prioritising environmental assessments and mitigation measures is essential to ensure such clearances are carried out with minimal harm to these areas.

How we can help:

  • Propose to build or extend in an SEA overlay
  • Assess the quality of the vegetation to be removed
  • Work with you to select the most suitable area for your dwelling with the least impacts on the SEA
  • Work within the latest National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity
  • Recommend site specific mitigation measures such as enhanced planting, weed and pest control, and protecting the remainder of the area.

Other Services include 

  • Pest Plant and Animal Management Plans
  • Riparian Restoration Plans
  • Planting Plans
  • Fish Surveys
  • Fish Management Plans
  • Coastal Yard Assessments

Safeguard water quality, prevent erosion, and enhance the ecological integrity of your waterfront property.