Unveiling Flood Risk: Precise Analysis and Mapping for Informed Decisions

With new advances in technology many Councils across New Zealand have the ability to display properties subject to flooding risk, including:

  • Overland flowpaths
  • Floodplains
  • Flood prone zones

For Auckland Council this is available through GeoMaps.

It’s important to be aware that although this information is available, it is indicative only. For any new developments or upgrades to the existing structures on the affected properties, a detailed assessment of flooding intensity and effects is essential to ensure adequate safety features are incorporated in the designs, and no effects are caused to the neighbouring sites.

Our Engineers can conduct a thorough flood assessment of your property, contact us today to find out more.

Specialist Services

Our Engineers have extensive experience in Flood Analysis and Modelling with consideration for the effects of climate change. They prepare Flood Assessment Reports to provide information regarding the most suitable locations for the new structures/infrastructure, commercial, industrial and residential buildings flood freeboard and finished floor level requirements.

Where existing structures/buildings are subject to flood problems, we can provide assessment of likely repetition of such flooding and depending on severity, advise on measures to alleviate the effects of flooding.

Specifically our services include:

  • Flood surveys
  • Catchment analysis
  • Flood modelling
  • Flood risk assessments
  • Flood management/mitigation plans
  • Flood assessment reporting
  • Infrastructure design (drainage, culverts, bridges, driveways, carparks).

For thorough flood assessment and modelling before development.
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