Moving into Development

Once your project reaches the development stage and you are granted Engineering Plan Approvals by Council, you can commence the following construction works on site:

  • Installation of the public stormwater, water supply and wastewater network extensions and connections, and
  • Establishment of vehicle crossings, common accessways, and car parks.

While these works will be completed by the specialised contractors, for quality assurance, it is generally required by Councils across New Zealand that the developers engage engineering consultants for overseeing the works. This is commonly referred to as ‘Construction Monitoring’

Thomas Consultants have a team of Engineers highly experienced in construction monitoring in both commercial and residential projects. Speak to us today.

Construction Monitoring Process

The consultant Engineers undertake regular site visits during construction to ensure:

  • Approved design drawings are correctly interpreted by the contractor
  • Anticipated construction techniques are appropriate
  • Works are completed in general accordance with the specifications.

Towards the end of the construction works, Councils request certifications to be provided by the Chartered Professional Engineers.

Our Engineers are experienced in providing construction monitoring and certification services for the public drainage and driveway construction works, from small rural and urban residential developments to apartments and large commercial facilities. We also have a number of Chartered Professional Engineers in our offices qualified in various civil engineering specialisations who can provide required certifications.

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Our Services

Our Engineers can provide the following Construction Monitoring services:

  • Pre-construction/pre-pour and final meetings on site with the developer, contractor, drainlayer and Council’s inspector
  • Regular site inspections and support during construction. Provision of guidance and technical advice for issued raised by the developer, contractor and/or drainlayer
  • Preparation of design variations and obtaining of relevant approvals
  • Liaison with Councils and other affected network utility operators and assistance with obtaining Engineering QA Clearances (EACC, CoA)
  • Review of photographic and CCTV evidence, and as-built information of constructed elements to ensure compliance with relevant standards.

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Expert construction monitoring and certification services.
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