Private Land Owners and Developers – let us take care of the red tape

We handle the tough conversations with neighbours so you can focus on your dream project.

Here’s how we make the process smooth:

  • Peace of mind from the start: We begin with a thorough review of your property to identify any potential hurdles.
  • Your neighbours, our priority: Our team expertly negotiates with neighbours to secure their approval for your development.
  • Seamless access for utilities: Need to connect to stormwater or wastewater lines? We’ll liaise with neighbours and obtain the necessary permissions for a hassle-free process.

Local Authorities and Crown Entities

Leveraging our extensive experience in providing property consultation services to the public sector, we’ve also built longstanding relationships with Local Authorities and Crown Entities. We specialise in helping government agencies acquire land or interests in land for public works projects. We’re also accredited by LINZ, so you can trust our expertise.

Our experience extends to:

  • Negotiating land purchases and compensation: This covers homes, businesses, farms, and undeveloped land.
  • Helping businesses recoup losses: This applies when land acquisition disrupts their operations.
  • Securing drainage easements: We negotiate agreements allowing water drainage access on private property.
  • Arranging temporary access for public works: This ensures smooth project execution by negotiating temporary access to private land.

Additional Property Negotiations and Projects

  • Conservation Covenants – negotiations for conservation covenants under the Reserves Act with private landowners
  • Expert Negotiations –  for access from affected property owners pursuant to S 460 of the Local Government Act 1974 and S 181 of the Local Government Act 2002

Public Works Act (PWA) projects we’ve been involved with:

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