Client: Auckland Transport
Thomas Services: Stakeholder negotiation for property acquistion
Year: 2012-2013

Auckland Transport is to upgrade sections of Te Atatu and Edmonton Roads to boost efficiency and safety for road users including buses, pedestrians and cyclists.   The upgrade of the Te Atatu Road corridor is also an integral part of the NZTA improvements planned at the motorway interchange.

The proposed work includes the conversion of the existing roundabout at the intersection of Te Atatu Rd & Edmonton Rd to a signalised intersection with the provision of a median flush, pedestrian walkways, and cycleways.

To provide the land requirements for these changes, strips of land from private properties along Te Atatu and Edmonton Roads needed to be acquired under the provisions of the Public Works Act. The land housing the row of shops near the roundabout was also required, with the shops earmarked for demolition. Thomas was involved in the negotiations to acquire the land with the various property owners, as well as a business owner affected by the project.