Healthy land, healthy lives  

Our ecology team bridge the gap between nature and development, offering practical solutions without sacrificing our environment.


Whether it’s safeguarding streams and wetlands, developing weed control and land restoration plans, or fostering community involvement, our first-rate team knows how to steer your project in the right direction.


We excel in community outreach, partnering with funding sources for community initiatives, and offering mitigation solutions for large-scale projects.  

Reimagine, Restore, Protect: Your Guide to Sustainable Land Management

Thomas Consultants boast one of the most experienced ecology teams in the industry. With in-depth knowledge and field experience across diverse ecosystems (wetland, stream, riparian, terrestrial), our ecology team can help you with:

Understanding ecology, inspiring sustainability 


From tiny habitats to vast ecosystems, our Ecology team tackles projects of any scale.  We have worked with and are trusted by: 

Get expert help with landscape alteration and restoration