Precise, reliable and professional Land Surveyors.

Licensed Cadastral Surveyors

Thomas Consultants Ltd boasts a highly experienced land surveying team, including licensed cadastral surveyors. In accordance with industry best practices for methodology, precision, and accuracy, our team ensure the results and outputs align with your project’s requirements.

Starting from the meticulous collection and analysis of field data, through the meticulous delineation of boundaries, and culminating in comprehensive topographical surveys, our adept team has the expertise necessary to guide your project from its conceptual phase to final approval by Council and Land Information New Zealand.

Our overarching goal is to give you robust, precise results that adhere to both professional and statutory standards, all delivered promptly and in accordance with the stipulated timeline.

Proven track record for urban and rural sites

In order to gain optimum results, we employ cutting-edge Leica survey equipment and stay current with the latest technological advancements in the industry through the use of 12d software.

Our proficient team takes on Cadastral Surveys in Auckland and around New Zealand. Moreover, Thomas Consultants holds recognition as a Registered Professional Surveyor (RPSurv).


Our comprehensive land surveying services include:

  1. Subdivision and boundary redefinition Surveys: Ensuring clear and well-defined property boundaries, enhancing the clarity of land divisions, and ultimately promoting sound land management.
  2. Topographical surveys: Meticulous recording of the natural and man-made features of a specific area, granting a holistic view of the terrain’s characteristics and aiding in informed decision-making.
  3. Set out and as built Surveys: Guidance for construction projects, as well as as-built surveys, which confirm that structures have been constructed in accordance with the approved plans.
  4. Cross lease and unit titles: Facilitating the legal and spatial aspects of shared property arrangements.
  5. Removal of limitations surveys: Essential for the identification and rectification of any limitations that may hinder property development, enhancing the overall potential of your land.
  6. Drone land surveying:  Efficiently and accurately collect data, providing a cost-effective and versatile approach to mapping and monitoring land and infrastructure.

We cater to your diverse needs, each seamlessly interconnecting to provide a complete solution for all your land management and development requirements.


Subdivision Surveys

Our team conducts subdivision surveys of all sizes – from two lots to large staged developments.

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Boundary Redefinition Surveys

We can locate or replace your boundary pegs to aid you with construction and define your properties boundary.

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Topographical Surveys

Our team produces comprehensive topographical surveys to accompany your resource consent application and plans.

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Set Out Surveys

We undertake set out surveys and provide certification for all types of projects.

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