Alteration or Creation of Property Boundaries

You might be looking to make a slight adjustment to the boundary with your neighbour or perhaps you would like to create a totally new section. Either way the same process will apply which includes:

  • Obtaining Council consents
  • Construction of vehicle access and services,
  • Deposit of a ‘survey plan’ with Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

Typically there will be various professionals and organisations involved in the Subdivision process including Planners, Surveyors, Engineers, Lawyers, Council and LINZ. It is a detailed process but we can guide you through step by step to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Our Surveyors are experienced in carrying out a subdivision survey for any size property. These can range from two lots (infill residential) to up to 400 lot staged developments (typically terrace housing or apartments).

Find out more about the Subdivision process by downloading our Free Subdivision Guide Below

Subdivision and the Auckland Unitary Plan

In this guide we talk you through all you need to know about the Subdivision process and how it relates to the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Download HERE