What Are Transferable Rural Titles?

Transferable Rural Titles (TRTs), Transferable Title Rights (TTR’s), Transferable Development Rights (TDR`s), Transfer Rural Site Subdivision (TRSS) and Transferable Rural Site Subdivision Rights (TRSSR`s) are all the same terms to describe the transfer of development potential from one property to another.

Transferable Titles are only allowed within the rural zone and the right to new title(s) for transference can be generated:

  • through protection of indigenous vegetation and/or wetland
  • through establishing indigenous revegetation planting
  • through the amalgamation of donor sites with elite or prime soils

It is noted that the site transferring the development potential is referred to as the “donor” site and the site obtaining the development potential is referred to as the “receiver” site.

It is important to note that in the Auckland Region, receiver sites must be located within the Rural – Countryside Living Zone within an identified subdivision variation control overlay. This overlay will set out the minimum net site area and average net site area of sites allowed via transferable rural site subdivision.

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As a multidisciplinary consultancy we are able to assist both receiver and donor sites with undertaking a resource consent application for their site. We are able to offer the following services:

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Ecology
  • Surveying

It is also important to note that in order to complete a Transferable Rural Subdivision it is necessary to match donor site with receiver sites to ensure that the release of titles and creation of lots can be undertaken seamlessly. We are able to assist both receiver and donor site with connecting with one another through a separate consultancy who are experts in this field.

Each property will have site specific opportunities and constraints, please contact us should you wish to explore the opportunity to undertake a Transferable Rural Subdivision.

Things to Note for anyone giving advice on transferable titles:

  • Check titles to see if any land covenants already exist, this may restrict possibility for titles
  • Cannot plant on elite or prime soils
  • Vegetation/wetland will need to be fenced (stockproof)
  • Vegetation/wetland must be legally protected (land covenants) – this includes all vegetation of note, not just the area to enable the title generation
  • Geotech report will be required for building platforms

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