Private Land Owners and Developers

Developing your property can require some difficult neighbour liaison and affected party approvals. We can take the hard work out of your project and deliver success. Let us help you with:

  • Project due diligence – we commence with a project due diligence including title searches of the properties to determine ownership and property matters to address
  • Affected party approvals – let us work with affected parties and neighbours to negotiate for their consent to your development
  • Neighbour liaison  we can meet with your neighbours on your behalf and negotiate for their consent for you to access and undertake stormwater and/or wastewater connections in compliance with the terms of the resource consent for your development.

Local Authorities and Crown Entities

We have many years’ experience in providing property consultation services to the public sector and have excellent longstanding relationships with various Local Authorities and Crown Entities. Our expertise lies within Land acquisition for Public Work and as a LINZ accredited supplier, we can assist any agency to acquire land or an interest in land for public works.

Our experience in this area extends to:

  • Negotiations for land acquisition and compensation with owners of residential, commercial, industrial or rural/semi-rural properties
  • Negotiations for compensation of business losswith business owners
  • Negotiations for the acquisition of easements to drain water on private land
  • Negotiations for temporary access on private land to undertake public works

Additional Services and Projects

Our expert consultants can also assist with:

  • Conservation Covenants – negotiations for conservation covenants under the Reserves Act with private landowners
  • Expert negotiations –  negotiations for access from affected property owners pursuant to S 460 of the Local Government Act 1974 and S 181 of the Local Government Act 2002

A few PWA projects we have been involved with include:

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