Comprehensive Reports

As part of the resource consent process you may be asked to provide a Landscape and Visual Assessment. This is a report written by a qualified Landscape Architect covering the assessment of the potential landscape and visual effects of a development.

These reports can be requested for a range of different projects such as:

  • a new house in a coastal setting, significant ecological area or adjacent to an outstanding natural feature
  • to assess the visual impact of applying ‘standout’ branding on a building
  • the effects of a proposed tree removal
  • proposed new utilities infrastructure in urban or rural areas
  • a subdivision project with a greater number of Lots than the local authority planning rules allow, or where the proposed subdivision may have an impact on other planning rules such as sensitive ridgelines.

Our team can prepare assessment reports to support your application and cover off all the things that Council will want to know.

For more detail on what you can expect from a Landscape and Visual Assessment click here.

An Overview of Detail

The type of detail you may find in a Landscape and Visual Assessment Report includes:

  • the existing landscape character and features of the area 
  • a description of the proposal 
  • a description of the key views of the property from public areas and who the viewing audience is 
  • the changes to the landscape that the proposal might create, and the scale of these changes
  • a mitigation plan to address any adverse landscape or visual effects caused by the proposal in order to bring the development to an acceptable level for Council
  • photographs and panoramas which demonstrate the important items in the assessment.

Help the resource consent process run smoothly by leaving the Landscape and Visual Assessment to us.