Soil Contamination

Thomas Consultants has a team of soil contamination specialists who offer practical advice to protect your family and ensure your property is safely developed. You are in good hands.

Our Services

  • Preliminary site investigations – Let us look at the history of your property and prepare a report outlining the likelihood of any contamination on site
  • Detailed site investigations – If there is known or suspected contamination on site we can carry out soil sampling and lab analysis and prepare reports to submit with resource consent applications
  • Remediation action plans we prepare practical and cost effective plans to remediate any contamination on site to meet regulation requirements
  • Site remediation – we can assist you to manage a tendering process to find a skilled contractor to complete the remediation works
  • Validation – once the remediation is complete we can test the remaining soil to make sure it meets standards and clear the site for development.
  • Groundwater sampling – we can complete regular groundwater sampling and monitoring for regulatory or water quality requirements.
  • Specialist peer review – we provide specialist peer review services to local and regional councils for consent processing.
  • Closed landfill management – our team can work with local governments to manage and monitor closed landfills and develop management plans.