Soil testing and contaminated site solutions for your development

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Whether you are developing a former horticultural property, an industrial site, or anything in-between, our Soil Contamination team has the expertise to simplify the regulatory process and provide high quality reports to support your development.

It’s typical for land that has historically been used for horticultural use or industrial practices to have contamination present. For this reason it’s imperative that the sites are tested, and if necessary remediated, to keep people safe and prevent harm to the environment.

Our specialists carry out site investigations, soil testing, instant soil testing and water quality assessments across a variety of sites and provide reports and plans to support resource consent applications, or to meet consent or disposal requirements.

Our Soil Contamination team pride themselves on customer service and strive to provide affordable, practical solutions that satisfy regulatory requirements. All our reports are certified by a Suitably Qualified and Experienced Practitioner (SQEP).

Our key services include:

Site Investigations

We undertake Preliminary Site Investigations (PSI) and Detailed Site Investigations (DSI) to identify potential contamination.

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Remediation and Management

We prepare practical and cost-effective plans to remediate contamination in line with regulation requirements.

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Asbestos in Soil

Our team conducts safe testing to determine if asbestos in soil is present and provides remediation action plans if necessary.

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Other Services

We can provide other services such as specialist peer review services for councils and landfill management.

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