We are Resource Consent specialists

At Thomas Consultants, our team of resource consent specialists navigate the intricacies of the consent acquisition process.

The planning team employs a strategic and thorough approach to guide you seamlessly through the consent acquisition process. From initial assessments to meticulous documentation, we leverage our knowledge to craft compelling applications that align with regulatory requirements.

Whether for small-scale projects or large-scale developments, we’ll streamline the consent process for you.  Our team provide the expertise needed to secure the resource consent efficiently and effectively.

Looking for the where, when, and why of resource consents in straightforward language?  Check out our blog to gain a clear understanding of resource consents.

Don’t navigate the complexities alone. Contact our Planning team on (09) 836 1804 or email us about securing your resource consent.

Your next land development project starts with a conversation.

Whether your project is small or large-scale, trust our experts to streamline the consent process and secure the necessary approvals. 

“I know it was a hard one, but you have made it. I am thankful to you all for putting your heart and soul in achieving this result. I will have no hesitation to work with you in the future”