Homes of Choice development in Henderson


Client name: Homes of Choice – subdivision project

Site: 10 Adriatic Avenue, Henderson, Auckland

Project overview:

Homes of Choice Ltd planned to develop the property in Henderson, Auckland. The project involves demolishing existing structures, subdividing the land, and constructing four new dwellings on the site.  


To meet Homes of Choice’s tight deadline and facilitate the relocation of residents. We had to work swiftly within the limited budget and timeframe provided by the Ministry of Housing.

The value that Thomas Consultants team added:

By combining our expertise in planning, engineering, and soil testing, our team collaborated seamlessly, tackling S92 compliance and design challenges efficiently. This saved the client valuable time and resources.

Our ongoing positive relationship with the council facilitated a smooth permitting process, allowing us to obtain the consent quickly.

Services provided:


Worked together with the architect and our engineers to prepare and collate all the necessary information for the resource consent application. Imogen then lodged the consent application and liaised with Council when they raised matters at Section 92 to resolve these as soon as possible. Council raised minimal matters and these were discussed with the client at the time.  Imogen reviewed the draft conditions and discussed these with the client, and followed up with Council to ensure the decision was resolved promptly.


Initiated collaboration with clients, architects, and other specialists to discuss engineering insights into the design process. Reviewed Geomaps, property records, and associated documentation for comprehensive understanding. Reviewing development regulations as per the Auckland Unitary Plan guidelines. Conducted thorough assessments to ascertain the capacity of public Stormwater, Wastewater, and Water Supply infrastructure. Proposed service solutions aligned with Auckland Council and Watercare standards for water supply, wastewater, and stormwater management. Drafted engineering plans, performed detailed engineering computations, and generated a comprehensive infrastructure report.

Soil Contamination

Our Environment Scientist reviewed the property’s site history to identify potential contamination sources, and developed a tailored soil sampling plan to determine if the site contained elevated levels of contamination.  She also prepared a detailed Site Investigation Report, summarising soil investigation results, assessing regulatory and resource consent requirements, and providing detailed recommendations for managing site soils during development earthworks.

Our soil contamination team worked closely with the planners so project timeframes were achieved, disruptions minimised for the resource consent process, and kept the client informed about the investigation outcomes.

Project completion: 

October 2023

Key Staff: 

  • Imogen Trupinic (Planner)
  • Isabel Hand (planner in early stages)
  • Gurjap Singh (Engineer)
  • Liz Clarke (Environmental Scientist)

About Homes of Choice

In New Zealand, Homes of Choice champions accessible and affordable housing for people with disabilities. They provide welcoming, tailored homes that empower independence and choice.


Homes of Choice subdivision project in Henderson



10 Adriatic Ave, Henderson subdivision project

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