Client: Various
Thomas Services: Landscape Architecture Plan Sets for Resource Consents
Year: 2017 and onwards

At Thomas Consultants we prepare Landscape Plan Sets for a wide range of clients and their property developments. Below you will see a number of projects from large scale subdivisions, or community facility developments to two lot subdivisions and mixed urban developments.

Typically the set will include a landscape master plan, plant and materials selection and specifications, a retaining plan (if applicable), a fencing plan, a landscape materials plan, construction details, and planting and maintenance instructions.

These plans and drawings are collated and presented in a set for lodgement with a Resource Consent Application, or as requested by Council Planners as a Section 92 request or Condition of Consent.

Our team is experienced in providing plans that create good outdoor amenity values as well as fulfilling urban design and safety requirements.

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Milton Road – November 2021

The proposed development is for the addition of 6 new units, with carport garages, at the rear of the property and existing dwellings located at 13 Milton Rd. Areas of hard and soft landscaping are provided around the site, including several trees within the garden spaces to provide visual relief between the driveway and dwellings. Screening planting of medium sized shrubs and hedges are proposed to assist in breaking up the appearance of the building, as well as to provide screening between the private outdoor spaces of the proposed units.

Resource Consent approved November 2021