The Client:

Henderson High School

The Site: 

‘Heart Space’ at Henderson High School, 21 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson, Auckland 0612

The Project:

After working with Henderson High School on other projects, they approached us for our landscape design services to create a ‘Heart Space’ for the centre of the school.

They asked for the space to help facilitate students gathering informally, while also catering for formal gatherings as well as instilling a sense of pride in the school. This would be demonstrated through the inclusion of high-quality design, materials, and opportunities for cultural expression in the built elements.

The brief included a covered stage, pathway connection across the space, seating, and planting.

The Goal:

To create a space that functions as a key informal gathering space for students during lunch and recess periods as well as a formal school-wide gathering area for assemblies, cultural performances, and prize giving.

To also take the opportunity to express the cultural diversity of the school through the design. For example, use of carved timber elements and culturally appropriate paving patterns.

The Process:

Following the initial discussions with the client, we prepared a detailed brief and fee estimate. Since being engaged we have worked with the school through the concept and developed design stages (including the first value engineering/preliminary costings). We’ll begin the detailed design phase of the design shortly which will be ready for tendering the construction works.

The Value:

We were able to offer our collective 30 years of experience as landscape designers with a good understanding of working with schools. In particular being able to understand the challenges faced by those types of landscaped spaces, namely durability of materials and catering for large groups of people.

The Outcome:

We have submitted to the school the final developed design for the space. At present, we are also currently helping the school with cost prioritisation for various elements of the design before beginning the detailed design stage.

The Services:

Landscape Architecture

Project Management

Project Partners:

TCL – Project Management Team

Hunua Park Furniture


Estimated Mid-2024

Henderson High School - Heart Space Concept
Henderson High School - Heart Space Concept
Henderson High School - Heart Space Concept

Heart Space – timber pole-shade sail option_Page_1

Henderson High School - Existing Site

Heart Space – timber pole-shade sail option_Page_7

Henderson High School - Heart Space Concept