Anamata Stream Restoration Project

Client: private landowners
Thomas Services:  restoration ecology, restoration plans, project management, and community liaison.
Year: 2016
Liaison:  Private landowners, local primary school, Conservation Volunteers, Auckland Council.

Private properties in Henderson Valley (enclosed by Forest Hill Road, Henderson Valley Road and Gum Roads) are being offered advice and assistance to restore streams on their property as part of the Anamata Stream Restoration Project. The Anamata Stream Restoration Project is a community project which was initiated by interest from a landowner in the lower end of the catchment and has been supported by Thomas Consultants. Funding has been received from Auckland Council, The Local Board and The Trusts.

Streams within Henderson Valley run through some areas with lush native vegetation while other areas reflect the more intensive demands of lifestyle and rural use. The Anamata Stream Restoration Project supports landowners to restore their streams within one of Auckland Council’s Priority Catchment areas that feed into the Opanuku Project Twin Streams Area.

Our tasks included:

  • Project Management and coordination
  • Successfully applying for funding to support the project.
  • Undertaking a site visit to private properties and providing on site ecological advice
  • Producing riparian restoration plans specific to landowners properties: Restoration plans included weeds present and best practice methods of control and planting plans.
  • Arranging volunteer weeding bees with Conservation Volunteers New Zealand for some landowners.
  • Proving ongoing advice and motivation to engaged landowners as part of the project