Land Surveying is the science of measurement and Thomas Consultants has in-house capability and offers a full range of services to the wider community.

Pride, Team Work & Effort is inherent in all we do.

Our Services

    • Subdivision – Both urban and rural, from two lots to large staged developments and strata, we can undertake your development from concept to ‘approval as to survey’ with Land Information New Zealand.
    • Limitation as to Parcels – Not all land titles are guaranteed by the Crown. If your property has this tag, we can undertake a full Land Transfer survey to have it removed
    • Boundary redefinitions – Are your boundary pegs missing, we can replace these
    • Creation of easements & covenants – Need these added to your property title, contact us to see if a survey is required
    • Unit Title Developments – Complete, Staged, Subsidiary/Layered & Redevelopments, we can advise on what best suits your needs
    • Cross lease – Are you looking to update your existing title to reflect amendments or converting to freehold, we can assist
    • Topographical surveys – This captures all the current features on site, enabling detailed design for development, services, building alterations, etc
    • Lease areas – These are undertaken in accordance with the Property Council guide for the measurement of rentable areas (previously known as BOMA surveys)
    • Legalisation – When land is required for a public purpose a legalisation survey is required. These are most commonly undertaken pursuant to the Public Works Act 1981 but there are other statutes.
    • Māori Land – Surveys undertaken in accordance with Māori Land Court Orders