Precise, reliable and professional Land Surveyors.

Licensed Cadastral Surveyors

Surveying is an ancient profession dating back to the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Simply put, it is the art of measurement and is the vital link between design and construction.

We need to know where things are and what we have so we can build and plan for the future. Our surveyors produce maps and plans, pictures with a purpose!

Thomas Consultants has a highly experienced land surveying team who work with passion and precision to ensure results are delivered accurately to meet the brief.

Proven track record for Urban and Rural sites

To guarantee best results, we utilise state of the art Leica survey equipment, 12d software and keep abreast with technological developments within the industry.

Our team undertake Cadastral Surveys across Auckland as well as Nationwide, and Thomas Consultants is recognised as a Registered Professional Surveyor (RPSurv).

Subdivision Surveys

Our team conducts subdivision surveys of all sizes – from two lots to large staged developments.

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Boundary Redefinition Surveys

We can locate or replace your boundary pegs to aid you with construction and define your properties boundary.

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Topographical Surveys

Our team produces comprehensive topographical surveys to accompany your resource consent application and plans.

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Set Out Surveys

We undertake set out surveys and provide certification for all types of projects.

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