Do you need a Stream Ecological Valuation (SEV)?

Generally speaking if you are planning a development that will require you to make any change to the stream environment then you will be required to undertake a SEV. Common changes include putting in a culvert or piping a section of stream.

The SEV score of the stream at present (i.e. before the work is done), and the predicted score after restoration work is done is recorded. These figures are then used to calculate the amount of stream mitigation required to offset the negative ecological impact of the development.

Our Ecological Consultants can:

  • Undertake SEV assessment and provide SEV report.
  • Talk you through mitigation plans and requirements.
  • Develop a restoration plan to meet council mitigation requirements.

Stream Ecological Valuation Process

SEV is a method for assessing the values of a stream based on a set of ecological criteria. The type of ecological factors that are observed include:

  • What is living in the stream.
  • The type of trees growing near the stream.
  • The physical make up of the bed of the stream.
  • The appearance and physical make up of the stream ‘upstream’.

Wetlands Assessments

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Bullet Points:

  • Bullet 1
  • Bullet 2
  • Bullet 3 etc

Contact our Ecology team today for a SEV or advice on development near a stream or wetlands.