Client: Auckland Council

Site: Evanda Link Reserve, Takanini, Auckland

Project Overview:

Engaged as Engineer to the Contract and Engineers Representative for this project. The works involved the replacement of failed ground mounted uplighting with new more efficient and robust LED pole mounted lighting. The renewal works were required due to circuit and luminaire failures from water ingress as a result of park maintenance damage to fixtures.

The scope of the works included; the removal and making use of existing lighting, thrusting of new cabling around tree root zones, installation of 50 new pole mounted luminaires along with new metered connection and distribution cabinets. Consent was also obtained to lift tree canopies as necessary to ensure required spill levels were met. Overall budget was approximately $350K.

Evanda Link Lighting 1

Evanda Link Lighting 4

Evanda Link Lighting 2

Evanda Link Lighting 5

Evanda Link Lighting 3