Client: Auckland Council

Site: Sulphur Beach Reserve, Sulphur Beach Road, Northcote.

Project Overview:

This project delivered the carpark renewal at Sulphur Beach Reserve in Auckland which involved a full excavation of the carpark with sub-base and surface renewal, and installation of additional furniture and security features once the surface was completed.

The design of the carpark had to resolve vehicle manoeuvring constraints created by the location of existing structures, and the carparks’ location on the coastal edge.

There were also deliverables for improving security and health and safety within the area. Stakeholder management was a large part of this project due to the high number of stakeholders including Auckland Council, Auckland Transport, Viaduct Marina Management Group, neighbouring landowners, boat ramp and locker users, and the NZ Police. The works had an approximate value of $320K.



carpark renewal

Sulphur Beach Completed