Rawalpindi Street - Kāinga Ora development - resource consent granted

22-26 Rawalpindi Street, Auckland | Resource Consent

Rawalpindi street, Auckland - Landscape Plans for resource consent

Landscape Plan – 22-26 Rawalpindi Street, Auckland | Resource Consent

The Client: Kāinga Ora

The Site: 22-26 Rawalpindi Street, Mount Albert

The Project: Demolish existing dwellings and features to construct 10 new dwellings. Subdivision around new dwellings to create 10 new residential lots with one jointly owned access lot. The development was driven by the need to balance the scale of the building proposed by the zone with the scale of the neighbouring environment.

The Goal: To enable development that maximises potential of the site in a way that offers a safe and liveable environment for residents/tenants. A mixture of typologies was proposed to meet the design brief provided by Kāinga Ora. Design specifications were based on desktop and site investigations undertaken by specialists and suitable servicing were proposed to meet the requirements of the proposed development.

The Process: Involved working with multiple specialists to fine tune the design to meet the requirements of Kāinga Ora, while meeting the general requirements anticipated for the zone. From the get go, our team has worked closely with Kāinga Ora to meet their design brief, while ensuring that all specialists have been on board in preparing consistent plans for the resource consent process.

The Outcome:  Achieving resource consent

The Value: Obtaining resource consent for Kāinga Ora in line with what was originally conceptualised for the sites in terms of density, typologies, access.

Project Partners: Reem Paul (Design Partners), Chris Scott-Dye (Peers Brown Miller), Dwayne Wilson (Land Tech), Ashleigh Haszard and William Parr (Kāinga Ora)

Services provided:

  • Topographical Survey
  • Engineering – infrastructure report, Engineering plans, EPA ( In process )
  • Planning (resource consent and pre-app)
  • Landscape Plan

Completion of goal: Resource consent granted 2021