Cambodia well drilling

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In 2011 and again in 2013 we had opportunity to sponsor wells in Cambodia to provide clean water to villages that did not have secure and clean water supplies. The water supplies in Cambodia often get affected by flood waters or soil contamination. Arsenic occurs naturally in the soils in some places there.


Small actions for big business impact

Thomas Consultants, an Auckland-based land development, civil engineering, planning and environmental consultancy, has proved that small actions can make a big impact on business growth. The organisation was acknowledged with a 2017 Westpac Business Excellence Award in the ‘Strategy and Planning’ category, the company’s fourth business award in its 15 year history.


Why do I need a Contaminated Soil Report?

In the process of applying for a land use consent involving earthworks, or for a subdivision consent, Auckland Council may have told you that your site is ‘potentially contaminated’. They will have indicated that you will need a contamination specialist to assess your property. What is this all about? This post aims to give a brief explanation of how to assess and deal with potentially contaminated sites.