Asbestos Testing for Larger Developments

If you are concerned about your home or investment property, or want to complete a pre-purchase inspection, our team can help you. Regulations being introduced in 2018 will require all landlords to ensure their properties are asbestos free.

Our Services

    • Asbestos tests – Obtain peace of mind with our quick response service to determine if you have asbestos anywhere on your property
    • Asbestos Register – We will prepare a full register of where any asbestos is located within your property, including lab analysis results
    • Asbestos Remediation plans we prepare a full methodology for asbestos removal companies to follow
    • Contractor management – our independence means we can oversee the removal contractor and check they complete the work correctly, making sure they save you time and money
    • Validation – once the remediation is complete we can re-test the property and make sure it is safe for living
    • Asbestos project management – we are often called in to oversee contract engagement and project management of asbestos removal. We guarantee the site will be clear of asbestos and safe for occupation