Our sustainability philosophy

Here at TCL, we realise the significance of the above and not only the impact businesses can have on climate change but the responsibility they hold in this regard. Furthermore, as an environmental and engineering consultancy that is heavily involved in housing and infrastructure developments we feel an even bigger responsibility to have a robust sustainability framework in which we hold ourselves accountable and firmly consider the three pillars of sustainability.

Three pillars of sustainability:

  • environmental sustainability
  • social sustainability
  • economic sustainability

Sustainability Framework

In order to establish a baseline performance level we conducted an internal audit and also a staff survey to identify areas of particular concern and interest. Using this baseline information and employee input we have been able to get an honest appraisal of our current performance and identify priority areas to focus on improving.

Specific practices we have put in place include;

Waste Management

  • Reducing our wastes and emissions at source.
  • Recovering resources for re-use and recycling and ensuring food scraps are composted.

Sustainable Transport

  • Steadily changing our vehicle fleet to hybrid fuel efficient vehicles
  • Locating our offices near bus and train stations to make the use of public transport by staff easier
  • Providing safe storage facilities for bikes and e-scooters.

Sustainable Procurement & Energy Use

  • Choosing greener and safer cleaning products and energy efficient equipment and appliances.
  • Minimising the energy, water and material resources we use by switching off any unnecessary lights and equipment and avoiding any unnecessary printing.

Ecological Projects

We have been involved in environmental projects for many years both as a professional services provider, as initiator, sponsor and support partner. We have initiated local stream restoration projects, provided professional support, found funding and given in-kind support. Our ecological and other staff enjoy supporting community based environmental projects.

On the current Harbourview-Orangihina Park, Te Atatu Peninsula wetland and reserve restoration project sponsored by the Auckland Council and Henderson-Massey local board we sponsored a video based on a drone flyover to promote the project to the local community to assist with engagement and consultation. Its pleasing to have received great feedback about the videos use.