Indicative Costs for Subdivision

The subdivision cost and time frame will differ depending on the project but we have done our best to represent ball park costs to give you a rough indication of what you could expect. Click here for further detail on the time frame.

For an estimate of the subdivision cost to complete a typical 2 lot subdivision (non-notified), and excludes building construction costs please download our full Subdivision Guide.

Included in your Subdivision

This is typically what is included in your subdivision cost:

  • Council application and processing fees
  • Your Consultants’ fees: Surveying, Engineering, Planning, Other specialists
  • Land Information New Zealand fees
  • Solicitor fees
  • Physical construction works: Drainage (stormwater, wastewater), Driveway and vehicle crossing, Earthworks and retaining, Utilities (Vector, Gas, Chorus)
  • Development Contribution & Infrastructure Growth Charges (Council, Watercare).

For estimated costs please download our Subdivision Guide.

To find out more about subdivision costs or the process talk to us!