Can I subdivide my property? 

Before you start going down the subdivision path you’ll need to find out if Council will allow a subdivision of your property. There are a number rules for subdivision and factors to consider other than just the size of your land!

Please note these rules for subdivision apply to those properties in the Auckland Council, so please use as a basic guideline only if you in a different part of New Zealand.

Things to consider first

  1. Lot size – the size of the proposed lot will depend on the zone your property is in. Under the Auckland Unitary Plan, you may now be able to subdivide your property where you previously could not, click here to find out more about size and zone guidelines in Auckland
  2. Whether there are existing dwellings on the section that you want to keep
  3. Whether there are services available (storm water, waste water, water supply and access to the new lot/s)
  4. Any natural hazards onsite (e.g. flooding or instability)
  5. Any restrictions on existing titles.

If you are thinking about subdividing, get advice from the experts.
Contact our Planning team to get you started.