I work in local or central government, IWI and community services

Here at Thomas Consultants, we understand what makes a successful project partnership with local and central government agencies. In fact, working with public agencies is how we began some 17 years ago. We grew from a single public project and have since grown into a thriving multidisciplinary consultancy. We’re proud of the strong track record and relationships we have built over this time working on large scale public projects both nationally and throughout the Pacific.

What has contributed to our growth? Well, we think it helps that our people have a genuine passion for creating great outcomes for the people you serve. We care about delivering high quality and cost-effective projects for local and central government. These values are what drive us to give you our very best.

We also believe the Thomas Civil way of working makes the whole process, from tender through to project sign off, clear and straightforward. We understand the complexities of public sector projects and our experienced consultants can give you the innovative solutions – put in plain English – that you need.

What we offer

Environmental Services

Our team includes ecologists, environmental engineers, environmental scientists, landscape architects, and community engagement specialists.

  • Soil contamination advice and reports
  • Asbestos surveys, registers and remediation project management
  • Landscape architecture design and planting plans
  • Ecological assessments, monitoring and survey programmes
  • GIS analysis, drafting and database development
  • Research, analysis and preparation of development, concept and management plans
  • Freshwater and wetland advice
  • Restoration ecology, including preparing weed control and restoration plans
  • Community engagement and community based environmental programmes
  • Managing and auditing contractors
Water Supply Management

Our team offers comprehensive service in water network development, maintenance and water loss management. Our specialists include water specialist engineers and chartered engineers. This work includes:

  • Active leak detection
  • Water balance calculations and review
  • Leakage management including network sectorisation and pressure management
  • Training and mentoring around management of three waters
Thomas Consultants civil engineer
Civil and Land Development Engineering

We hold the biggest team of water engineering specialists in New Zealand and can meet your project needs. We also provide a wide range of civil engineering services. These include:

  • Overland flow paths and flood studies
  • Stormwater engineering
  • Wastewater engineering
  • Infrastructure design and assessment
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Roading and car park design and engineering
  • Public park and recreation design and engineering
  • Development engineering services
Planning & Resource Management

Thomas Consultants has a team of experienced planners who can provide advice and services on all aspects of land use and urban planning. We can offer:

  • Consent processing services
  • Policy and strategic planning
  • Structure and spatial planning
  • Advice on infrastructure and development projects
  • Full project management
  • Outline a plan of works
Property and Buildings

We have significant experience liaising and negotiating with property owners in a respectful and sensitive way that delivers a high level of success for both our public sector clients and landowners. We can specifically help you with:

  • Community engagement and consultation
  • Property acquisition and disposal under the Public Works Act
  • Coordinating and managing public meetings and open days
  • Acquiring conservation covenants under the Reserves Act
  • Disposal of council owned properties

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