We Make Developments Easy

At Thomas Consultants we like to make developing your site easy.

With engineers, planners, surveyors, landscape architects, environmental and contamination experts all in one place, our teams can quickly and easily collaborate internally to achieve your goals.

So why choose to partner with us on your next project?

  • We save you time by having a large number of services under one roof. We simplify the process by coordinating one meeting with our specialists, rather than several meetings with several companies, so we can get the job done and get it done right.
  • We ensure we finish the job
  • Know what you are getting upfront with our no-surprises approach 
  • Our team are  known to be easy to work with, highly experienced and dedicated to providing an excellent experience

Whether this is your first land development project or you’re an experienced developer, choose with confidence knowing that our specialists are here to support you through the process.

We make it simple with all services under one roof

We have the following services to help you with your project:

  • Planning – Subdivision, Resource consent, Feasibility Studies,
  • Surveying – Subdivision, Boundary redefinition, Cross lease to freehold
  • Engineering – Three waters design, Overland Flowpaths and Flood Reports, Earthworks, Roading, Engineer to the Contract, Contract Management, Engineers Rep
  • Landscape Architecture – Landscape and visual assessments, Planting plans, Open space design
  • Ecological services – Ecological Assessments, Restoration and Environmental Management Plans, Restoration Project Management, Stream and Wetland Assessments
  • Project Management
  • Soil Contamination – Preliminary and Detailed Site investigations, remediation, advice
  • Environmental Containment – Asbestos Management Plans, Asbestos Surveys, Asbestos Project Management, Asbestos Site Clearances and Onsite Air Monitoring

One team, Executing Your Dream

For the last 20 years we’ve built a reputation in the industry of being responsive and professional project partners. You can have confidence working with us, knowing our team can be an effective part of making your dream a reality.

Our team collectively are highly experienced and offer their expertise to deliver your project efficiently to a high standard