Simon Ness – Team Leader
Class A Asbestos Removal License Named Holder

Brett Abraham – Remediation Engineer
Licensed Asbestos Assessor

Julian Svoboda – Environmental Scientist
Class B Asbestos Removal License Named Holder

Michael Lewis – Environmental Technician
Class B Asbestos Removal License Named Holder

Conan Moynihan – Environmental Engineer
Licensed Asbestos Assessor

Priona Naidoo – ECON Team Operations Coordinator
Licensed Asbestos Assessor

Licensed Asbestos Assessor
Licensed Asbestos Assessor

Pieter de Beer – Environmental Scientistn
Licensed Asbestos Assessor

Tim Bulmer – Chemical and Materials Engineer

Hamish Arora – Chemical and Materials Engineer

About US

Our Values & Attributes


The core values and attributes which govern the way we carry out our business are:

  • Service – We are easy to work with and committed to helping you succeed with your goals.
  • Effective – We know that making it happen is important.
  • Respect – We treat our clients and colleagues with respect.
  • Value – We provide cost effective and quality solutions.
  • Integrity – We choose to do it right, we value your trust.
  • Collaboration – We believe working together with others achieves more and goes further.
  • Excellence – We stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work.

How we work

At Thomas Consultants we strongly believe in working in a way that leaves our clients, our communities and our environment, better off. Here are our organisation’s commitments.


To contribute to our community, region and internationally through projects that enhance the built and natural environment, considering social responsibility and economic benefit.


To be the professional service provider of choice for civil engineering, planning, environmental and property  services,  for local and central government agencies, industry and private clients, in Auckland and beyond.