Asbestos Surveys

Our team of Environmental Contamination engineers specialise in asbestos identification and are able to generate asbestos surveys based on intrusive sampling or visual assessment.  To fully understand the extent of any asbestos containing materials (ACM) within a building we conduct and prepare asbestos registers.

The team has over 20 years of combined experience in discrete assessments of properties, ensuring minimal damage when taking samples, with quick turnaround times to suit your tight deadlines.

We have strict health and safety protocols and management procedures around staff and client safety. We provide guidance to the client on how best to proceed; whether it is management through an asbestos register, full removal of asbestos, or encapsulation.

All of our samples are process by a fully accredited asbestos test laboratory who can process samples with accuracy.

Asbestos Registers

We prepare a single Asbestos Register to cover individual buildings in order to manage the contamination for the life of the building.  For a series of buildings which will be investigated we will prepare grouped registers.  These registers will involve obtaining full access to all parts of the buildings (including roofs, ceiling voids, basements and service ducts) where intrusive investigations will be undertaken.

The asbestos register will contain the following information:

  • Name of the building
  • Floor plans of each level of each building
  • Detailed plans of where every type of ACM has been identified
  • Detail of the type of ACM found, and
  • Condition of the ACM found.

Generally, for a typical 3 bedroom house, it will take two weeks for an asbestos register to be completed, from the date of survey, depending on the number of samples taken and the subsequent lab testing timeframes. Lab testing timeframes can be prioritised to enable urgent response times, please speak with our expert team and we can meet your needs.