Client: Various clients
Thomas Services: Meth testing, P- testing
Year: 2015-current

Thomas Consultants Limited have assisted in the testing of houses for a major landholder in Auckland. We were approached by the landholder to run composite testing within each house and determine whether any properties were contaminated. This is a project where the landowner wishes to ensure that the houses are completely safe for future use, and has decided to be thorough in their preparation and double check that the houses are clear.
Thomas have helped establish a staged approach to testing the houses, so that remediation can then be staged (if needed) to suit the landholder. We have undertaken the testing, provided laboratory testing results, determined whether any houses are contaminated and to what degree, assisted with the remediation of the houses and validation testing once the houses have been refurbished.
The methods we have developed for meth testing can be rolled out for a single house or for large housing estates. Our thoroughness and reliability ensures the landholder can have guaranteed results on budget and on time.