We can quickly put together a simple desktop Feasibility Report for you to see what you can do with your land.

This report is ideal for:

  • Home buyers at due diligence phase – this report will help you understand constraints and limitations of the property in case you wanted to develop in the future.
  • Home owners/Investors – to understand what you can do with your property to increase value (i.e. subdivision, undertake an extension, build a minor dwelling).
  • Real Estate Agents – a marketing tool to showcase the potential of a property to potential buyers.

This report will explain the following:

  • Your property zone – what it means
  • Planning rules that apply to your site e.g maximum height that you can build on your site, building coverage etc
  • Availability to public services (stormwater, wastewater, water supply)
  • Access requirements for future development
  • Any hazards onsite (i.e. flooding ,instability, contamination, notable trees)
  • Review record of title
  • Resource Consent requirements.
feasibility report

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“I know it was a hard one, but you have made it. I am thankful to you all for putting your heart and soul in achieving this result. I will have no hesitation to work with you in the future”