What is an Environmental Management Plan (EMP)?

An environmental management plan is a strategic framework that outlines an organisation’s commitment and actions to minimise its environmental impact, promoting sustainable practices and compliance with regulations.

We can help you with that

Here at Thomas Consultants, we will develop an Environmental Management Plan to meet your site’s specific needs and consent requirements. We focus on developing EMPs that will outline how to prevent and mitigate any potential pollution from your site during your business operations. Thomas Consultants can produce EMPs for construction & development projects, or we can produce them for your operating purposes. We can also offer site supervision and implementation of EMPs.

Your Environmental Management Plan will:
  • Provide a framework for all anticipated construction and development projects, detailing the objectives and principles of the environmental policies involved
  • List any potential contaminants of concern and pollution risks associated with your site’s activities
  • Identify environmental issues and pollution risks throughout your project or operation
  • Present mitigation and management strategies for control of pollution at your site
  • Outline mitigation measures in order to minimise impact on surrounding eco-sensitive areas
  • Establish a framework for environmental management to ensure implementation of mitigation measures
  • Define the roles and responsibilities to facilitate environmental protection throughout your operation
  • Define who, what, where, when, and how environmental management and mitigation measures will be implemented
  • Provide an emergency spill response plan
  • Include an environmental or stormwater monitoring program (if required)
  • Help ensure compliance with environmental legislation and accreditation
  • Provide a map of your site’s location, layout, activities and drainage plans
  • Promote the principles of sustainable development and management practices.

Types of Environmental Management Plans

Construction Environmental
Management Plan (CEMP)

Soil Environmental
Management Plan (SEMP)

Demolition Environmental
Management Plan (DEMP)

Management Plan (WMP)

Environmental Monitoring

Thomas Consultants can provide one off or on-going monitoring services. This can form part of a baseline study or due diligence study often used by clients to reduce future risk and liability, and provide data that allows assessment of the environmental impact from your site. As well as general site inspections, we can provide environmental monitoring services for:

  • Soil Contamination
  • Air Quality/Vapour Monitoring
  • Water Quality
  • Noise

Environmental Monitoring Plans – can be provided as part of an EMP or as a standalone document. These are usually a result of previous studies and investigations and provide guidance on monitoring requirements according to the specific task, project or activity and in relation to the surrounding sensitive receptors. Thomas Consultants can provide monitoring reports showing the monitoring activities undertaken and providing results and conclusions against applicable regulatory standards.